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How do I Relax My Pelvic Floor?

How To Relax Your Pelvic Floor   If you’re new to pelvic physiotherapy, or you’ve come over from my instagram you’ve probably heard me talk at length about relaxing your pelvic floor.  I shared a reel with some tips on instagram this week about how to actually relax your pelvic floor and I got lots […]

Debunking the “Loose” Pelvis Myth

Debunking the “Loose” Pelvis Myth    Let’s talk about having a ‘loose’ pelvis.  Unfortunately, even in this day and age this is something that women are told to expect post childbirth or post menopause and as much as I find this infuriating, we clearly still have some debunking to do.  First we will talk about […]

I’m a C-Section Mama. Why do I Need Pelvic Physio?

I'm a C-Section Mama.  Why do I need Pelvic Physio? One of the most common postpartum myths that I hear is that c-section mama’s don’t need pelvic physio.  It sounds like it makes sense right? If you don’t have a vaginal birth why would you be concerned about your pelvic floor? Well even without having […]

My Experience on Hormonal Birth Control

My Experience on Hormonal Birth Control    Hi! My name is Laura and I am a Pelvic Physiotherapist who is passionate about normalizing conversations about pelvic health.  I have a bit of a personal story to share with you today, so thanks for being here.  I think sharing stories about our experiences can be a […]

How to Poop Better!

A few weeks ago I shared some information about constipation, you can read that blog here.  Constipation is one of my favorite things to treat in the pelvic health world, because so many people are constipated, but just don’t know what to do about it.  Managing constipation can be the cornerstone for managing things like […]

Are You Constipated?

What is Constipation and How Physio Can Help!  Going to the bathroom got you down? Feeling like you have to sit on the toilet for ages, and really push or strain to get your poo out? You might just be constipated.  Constipation occurs when stool moves slowly through our digestive tract, which causes the stool […]